Matoaka Monday!

Posted July 9, 2013 • Share: Only at Camp Matoaka is it perfectly acceptable to come to lunch wearing a purple tutu, pink knee-high socks, fairy wings and a ridiculous hat! And that’s just an example of what a camper wears on the typical Matoaka Monday lunch! Yesterday’s lunch was a spirited affair with fantastic costumes, impressive spirit and cheers of delight. Then, just when people were finishing their lunch music unexpectedly burst from the speakers and our Bunk 15 campers started dancing the Harlem Shake with the Mean Machine! It caught the rest of the camp off-guard and was the perfect example of the randomness that camp days can bring. That evening we had a series of fantastic activities for all of our campers. The youngest girls, in Bunks 8 and 9, enjoyed a fun pool party complete with waterslides and an old-fashioned ice cream truck!
The rest of the camp had social activities with our brother camp, Camp Caribou. The 10s and 11s played kickball and newcomb at Caribou and the 12s and 13s had a social there. Meanwhile, Bunks 14 and 15 enjoyed a social here at Matoaka with the Caribou boys. It was a fun night with great music and a lot of energy from everyone involved. Our counselors even got in on the fun and performed a choreographed dance that the campers just loved!

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