Matoaka has Tennis Fever!

Posted July 4, 2012 • Share:

On Tuesday, Camp Matoaka hosted a USTA tennis tournament with campers from Vega. It was a fantastic success, with absolutely gorgeous weather. It was beautiful to see girls from the two camps interacting and showing great sportsmanship, laughing, and smiling with their competitors, and just having a lot of fun! Overall Camp Vega won 6 of the matches, while Matoaka won 5. Next week we get a chance for a re-match when we visit Vega’s camp for another USTA tournament!

This friendly competition with Vega carried over to the Vega campus as well, where they hosted Matoaka in a waterski meet! Matoaka finished in first place!

Meanwhile, back at camp, a lot was happening! In Ceramics, campers were making mugs, with Hello Kitty faces! And over at horseback riding, a total of 42 campers got to ride! It was a busy day!

See our Bunk1 page for detailed competition results!

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