Let’s Celebrate!

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Every day at Camp Matoaka contains many moments to celebrate. There is just so much to be happy about here! We have daily celebrations: meal times, cheering and flag raising. We have weekly celebrations: Campfire, Friday Night Services and Pizza Night! Then we also have yearly celebrations: birthdays, Arrival Day, Visiting Day, the Sing, and more!

The past few days have been chock-full of all sorts of celebrations! Friday night we hosted a special dinner with the staff of our brother camp, Camp Manitou. Saturday night we held our first Campfire of Staff Training which was a fun "Back to the Future" themed event! Staff members got dressed up, won awards, played games and sang songs together!

Sunday was a relaxing day off for everyone and Monday marked a shift in the focus of our training from Department life to Bunk life! Our counselors played games with their Unit Leaders and got their bunks decorated for the campers' arrival. That night we held our annual "Dutch Auction" which is a thrilling game that the campers' just love, and of course, our counselors love it just as much!

Today we are hosting the lovely ladies from “True To Life” training at Matoaka. This traveling improvisational role-playing group sets up situations for our counselors to participate in. Our staff works hands-on with the trainers and develop valuable skills in conflict resolution, decision making and more!  Year after year this group leaves a positive impact on our staff, and we are always thrilled to welcome them back!

But the most important celebration that we had today was baby Chase's first birthday! Our incredible Events Director, "Molly Pockets", planned a birthday bash that would leave all other 1 year olds jealous. The Dining Hall was a sea of green, blue and silver balloons. There was glitter, bubbles and animal crackers everywhere. There were games, a beautiful slide show, party hats, and of course, cake! Chase made a grand entrance with his brother and sister pushing him in a sleek sports car and he was wearing a snazzy shirt emblazoned with a tie and the number 1. We had a delicious taco lunch and when it was time for cake, Chase didn't hesitate in picking up his whole cake and smushing his face right in it. It was a picture perfect moment for Chase, his loved ones and the entire Matoaka Family.

Happy Birthday Chase! We look forward to celebrating many more Matoaka birthdays with you over the years!

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