July 4th + More!

Posted July 6, 2016 • Share: Happy (belated) Fourth of July! It has been constantly go go go for the past few days, filled with new activities, socials, and the Independence Day carnival… plus so much more! PicMonkey Collage We have added some new and exciting activities to our lineup this year including woodwork, wake surfing, and corkling! In woodworking, the girls are learning the safety rules inside and out and having fun with all the new equipment, and also working on making boomerangs! We have had one successful boomeranging so far, but everyone else isn’t far behind! Wake surfing (think wakeboarding, but with no bindings on the board) is a new activity down at ski and is so fun! The girls are towed behind a ski boat on a short rope, and then once a nice wake is created, they can let go of the rope, and surf the wake! It’s very cool. Corkling is a new activity down at SCRA and hysterical to watch. It’s basically a kayak, but a round circle. The girls paddle like you would a kayak, but, unless you’re really skilled, you just spin in circles and the girls have such a blast on it. 13529100_1603595583303111_5152917346203674468_n Monday was our wonderful Fourth of July carnival! The girls look forward to this so much and it never disappoints. They get super spirited and all decked out in their Red, White, and Blue, and then enjoy fried dough, snow cones, hot pretzels, inflatable bouncy mazes and house, and a dunk tank, featuring the Mean Machine. The dunk tank is the most popular activity, as the girls LOVE to see the Mean Machine get dunked into the tank. It’s very entertaining. Love from Matoaka!


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