Intercamp, Four Way Soccer and S’mores!

Posted July 18, 2015 • Share: This week was another fun filled week at Matoaka.  We had two intercamp teams play lacrosse against Laurel at Camp Laurel. Our girls did not come home the victors, but told tales of how much fun it was! As always, we are super proud of them. Camp has been busy this week as the campers and counselors prepare for change over. The junior girls played a very fun game of Four Way Soccer. It's played just like soccer, but four teams play at once and there are four goals. The teams  protect their own goals (there is no goalie), while trying to score on another teams goal. There are several balls in play at once, it's so much fun to watch. This week's Friday Night Services was led by 14C.  Each week, the girls are given a word as their theme and they write poems, songs, or little somethings to express themselves. The girls of 14C did a wonderful job describing what honesty meant to them. After the Friday Night Services, we all enjoyed s'mores by campfire. The whole camp is buzzing with excitement for the Little Sister Sleepover and Visiting Day!

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