Posted July 13, 2013 • Share: Independence is a quality that summer camp fosters in young children everywhere. Matoaka is no exception.  Campers schedules are individualized to their own interests, so they aren’t dependent on traveling as a group and having others make choices for them. Tonight at Friday Night Services, Bunk 14C spoke fondly of how Matoaka has enhanced their independence both within camp, and at home. Earlier in the day, we had about 60 campers go on a White Water Rafting trip. Although it requires a team to paddle the boat down the river, it takes strength and independence to push yourself through what could be a scary experience. We also had several girls travel to Camp Vega for a ski meet. We placed first in all three events; wakeboard, trick and slalom. Way to go girls!
We also had fifteen campers travel to Camp Laurel for a tennis tournament. We had two campers advance to the semi-finals, one each in the Under 15 and Under 13 divisions. We also had a pair win the Under 15 Doubles.

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