“If you don’t like the weather…”

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In New England, we have a saying; “If you don't like the weather, just wait a minute!” Our Northeastern corner of the country is known for having rapidly changing weather. We could see elements reflecting all four seasons in the course of an afternoon. The last few days at Matoaka was the epitome of New England weather.


Tuesday started off beautifully and we had a fantastic morning on camp. The weather slowly grew hotter and more humid. By the afternoon the Office declared a Waterfront Afternoon. Instead of following our normal schedules, the campers rotated between four different waterfront locations: the pool, the lake swim, the water-ski area and small crafts beach. In each spot, girls were able to enjoy the water, each other's company, and cool off!


Wednesday was another beautiful day, and it was a special one for our Under 10 soccer team who hosted the first inter-camp game of the summer, here at Matoaka. It was an exciting game with our team defeating Vega 2-1!


During Rest Hour, we hosted a Brother/Sister swim party for our girls with relatives at Camp Manitou. The brothers and cousins came over and shared a pool party with our girls. It was a lot of fun for everyone! The warm weather was perfect for a pool party!


That afternoon, a thunderstorm rolled through the area, prompting a quick activity change. Campers returned to their bunk to wait out the storm. Before we knew it, the storm had passed and things were back to normal by dinnertime.


After dinner we gathered in the Performing Arts Center (PAC) for Bunk Plaque Night. Each bunk revealed their newly painted plaque and sang a song to represent their bunk for Summer 2014. Songs were sung to the tune of “Barbie Girl”, "Boom Clap", “I Don’t Wanna Be”, “Let Her Go” and more. The Queens provided the finale of the night, singing two songs wearing their matching shirts and crowns. Their performance of “Story of a Queen” is a fond tradition that Matoaka campers anticipate each year.


Then today the weather remained consistently good. Some clouds loomed on the horizon, and but the storm never materialized. Activities continued here at camp in full force while ⅓ of our campers were off-camp enjoying fantastic white water rafting trip with Magic Falls Rafting.


After the rafters returned everyone gathered for a spirited night of College League competition. The newest Matoaka craze is Sabaki ball, a Japenese sport that is rapidly gaining popularity in the United States. Our campers LOVED the fast paced game that is easy to learn. Other teams played Matoaka Ball, soccer, gaga, kickball and newcomb.

It’s been a busy few days here at camp, but the fun is only just getting started! Some more inclement weather looms on the horizon, but that won’t damper our spirits! The Fourth of July carnival will be held this Saturday when the weather guarantees perfection! We are all looking forward to the games, food and parade! Nothing will “rain on our parade”!

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