Hiking, Roller Coasters and Theater…Oh My!

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What a week at Camp Matoaka!  For picture day the whole camp came together in a sea of Pink and Purple with a huge group shot, almost 500 people with campers and staff! It took a lot of organization and A LOT of attempts, but we have faith in the photographers and are excited to see the end result.
The entire camp split into their College League teams and took part in the scavenger hunt. They were sent all over camp looking for various objects such as a quarter from the state of Maine, a color war t-shirt from 2012, and a postage stamp from Australia, as well as many many other things. It was a sight to see as they ran all over like crazy searching for such obscure things!
Our campfire theme was "Native American", each bunk decided how they wanted to dress up for the night. The costumes ranged from "Cowboys and Indians" to "Colors of the Wind" (from Pocahontas) and every girl from that bunk dressed in a different color. As always our girls were very creative! The girls ended that night watching the USA Women's Soccer Team amazing win in the FIFA Women's Championship Finals.
Tuesday our 14 year olds  went on a day trip to Acadia National Park near Bar Harbor, Maine! The girls got to go on a few hikes, and lots of fun on the beach enjoying the refreshing water.  But before all this fun started, the girls got to dine at Early Bird's, a local hot spot for breakfast in Waterville.
The official start of the CMGL (Central Maine Girls League) begun at Matoaka this week.  We competed against Camp Vega and Camp Laurel in various sports and various age groups. The U10 Basketball team split the games, losing to Vega, but defeating Laurel. The U13 Softball team tied with Laurel and beat Vega and the U15 Soccer team lost to both Laurel and Vega. All ages displayed wonderful sportsmanship! Go Matoaka!
"Frozen" was our first production of the Summer, which was performed in front of the whole camp, and it was absolutely amazing! The girls who were involved did an absolute knock out job, and they should all be very proud of themselves. Great job, ladies!
The girls had their first socials (ages 12-15) and play dates (8-11) with our brother camps Manitou and Caribou. The girls were buzzing with excitement, as for some of them that was their very first "dance"!  The little ones played kickball and had a pool party!
Wednesday right after breakfast, all 335 campers plus 115 staff loaded onto 7 Grey Hound buses and a few vans and headed to Funtown Splashtown in Saco, Maine! The weather was outstandingly perfect, a warm 80 degrees and sunny. The girls enjoyed some awesome roller coasters, yummy carnival food, fun games with exciting prizes, and lots and lots of laughter. Everyone had a great time and returned to camp with smiles on their faces, and very ready for bed time. But before they could sleep, the campers enjoyed a nice evening General Rec and went tubing, played volleyball, and scrimmaged on the lacrosse field among many other things.  An ending to a perfect day!

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