Explosions of Color!

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It was another very colorful few days at One Great Place. Our pink and purple summer is winding down amidst a vast spectrum of color!


It started on Monday afternoon when our Arts and Crafts department held tie dye classes! Girls colored their clothing in fantastic swirls of color. This is one of the most anticipated art classes of the summer for Matoaka campers.


On Monday night we held our first ever Color Run! Campers ran either a 1 or 2 mile course across camp. They lined up at the starting line wearing spotless white outfits, but throughout the camp we had “Color stations” situated where campers and counselors tossed special colored powder at the passing runners. By the time the runners crossed the finish line it looked like they had been tie dyed themselves! From head to toe, they were covered with splashes of colors. It was a super fun event that we look forward to holding annually now.


Then on Tuesday night, the College League competition for 2014 drew to a close with it’s final event, The Song Festival (aka The Sing). Each girl shed their traditional team colors and traded them in for matching white outfits and braided hair. The teams sang songs for a panel of alumni judges. Afterwards they cheered and anticipated the final results for the Sing competition as well as the overall College League results. The Captains revealed each team’s painted plaque which will earn a place on the historic ceiling of our Dining Hall amongst the plaques of College League teams past, dating back to 1951.


The final results for College League 2014 were:

    1. Jarvis Jaguars

    2. Heywood Huskies

    3. Corban Coyotes

    4. Odessa Orcas


The night finished with another burst of color as we gathered outside on the shoreline of East Pond for a spectacular fireworks display. It was a beautiful ending to a beautiful night and a perfect way to mark the end of College League.


The colors continued to bright up the sky even after the fireworks ended, as it was the peak night for the Perseid Meteor shower. Camp’s remote location makes it an ideal place to view the sky illuminating in shooting stars.


While pink and purple are Matoaka’s signature colors, Matoaka Magic can be represented by any color imagined. Although we may bleed pink and purple, we can find the Magic in the color of the sun setting over East Pond, the blue of the lake water, the green grass on our soccer field, the red of our barn, or a team’s College League colors.

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