Dynamic Duos

Posted July 29, 2013 • Share: Rocky and Bullwinkle. Cheese and crackers. Mickey and Minnie. Ben and Jerry. Dynamic Duos are an essential part of pop culture. It was also a recurring theme at Camp Matoaka yesterday. The dynamic duo of our two quarterbacks led our Powder Puff Football team to their very first Matoaka Bowl victory. Our campers met with their dynamic duo counterparts at our brother camps at Brother Sister Day. We had campers go to Camp Manitou and Camp Cedar to spend time with their brothers and cousins that go to camp there. We hosted many Camp Caribou boys here for a pool party. We held our annual Greek Game College League Meet, and teamwork was required. Dynamic Duos worked together everywhere to complete relay races and other team events. Each team Captain led their team side by side with their Senior Co captains in many popular events. “Bash the Captain”, tug of war, river rat, sink the captain, the shoe race and the watermelon relay were just a few of the events held. It was a busy afternoon! The Clayton Cobras placed first, the Salem Stingrays placed second, the Wesley Warriors came in third and the Huston Hawks finished in fourth. Dynamic Duo was the theme for our Sunday Night Campfire! We had girls dress as Matoaka themed dynamic duos as well as some of the classics like Peeta and Katniss, and Batman and Robin.
There may be dynamic duos everywhere at camp, with Jason and Leslie being the heart and soul of One Great Place, but more accurately, we are one dynamic family.

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