Color War 2016

Posted July 23, 2016 • Share: Close your eyes and imagine a somber rest hour down the dirt road. First sessions friends just left us, and we are trying to figure out how to make the ache go away. Then… in the distance, you hear marching and faint sounds of a chant… maybe even a war cry? The marching gets closer… girls are starting to get restless and look out the windows. The marching and the chanting gets louder and louder and the squeals and excitement of the campers grows larger and larger. WE SEE THEM! War Council is marching down the bunk line with two spirits of Color War past proudly leading the pack, waving their respective PINK and PURPLE flag. We can hear the chants now… “LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, FALL IN LINE, STAY BEHIND.” All campers are now outside of the bunks scrambling to put on their nearest item of Pink or Purple, depending whichever team they are loyal to. All campers get behind War Council and march to the Council Ring where there stands 6 hooded figures, along with General Haydn Kerr (Pink) and General Timothy “Peanuts” Pearson (Purple). This is it… this is the moment we’ve been waiting for! We are going to see who are our new fearless leaders. Each new leader has a black cloak draped over them and then when their name is announced, they turn and face their respective teams, lift their hoods, and step forward. For Pink: Colonial Casey Youngentob, Sergeant Timothy “Ro Ro” Rossiter, and Major Skylar Kostinden. For Purple: Colonial Sam Avis, Sergeant Vince Bagnato, and Major Sammy Cohen. As soon as the leaders and their ranks are announced, the first event begins… a beach dig to find an Army and Air Force metal piece from a tank and a plane. Purple is victorious in this first event. Then, the teams split off into their meetings to learn strategies, cheers, and develop a new burning passion for their team. We then break for dinner. Then after dinner, everyone reports to their areas for the camp-wide Chaos Course… but then, a dark and deeply intense storm rolls in. The soldiers are all instructed to fall back to their bunks. Just in time too because loud thunder and bright lightening fill the sky. The Chaos Course will have to wait. The next morning begins after breakfast and both teams gather on the front lawn for the Principal Pursuit. Pink on the left, Purple on the right. Both teams get clues and send groups out one by one, think a big scavenger hunt. They each find their clue, then must complete a task at each station. Again, Purple came out the victors. After the Pursuit, each team had to endure a silent lunch… just imagine the rec hall filled with 280 little girls… COMPLETELY silent. War Council goes around to all the soldiers trying to make them laugh or talk or crack in any way. No luck. These girls are stone cold warriors. After lunch, a soccer game ensues. Bunk 15’ers and counselors all play their hearts out for their team. Purple wins again. After soccer, a quick game of tug o’ war takes place between juniors, inters, seniors, then officers. Purple won ¾ tug o’ war events. It’s beginning to look like a run away for Purple. Then, the Chaos Course finally debuts after an 18 hour holding pattern due to the storm the night before. The race couldn’t have been any closer… literally. It ended in a dead tie. The series of relay events and challenges had Pink winning at one minute, then would quickly shift to Purple in the lead, but then right back to Pink… neck and neck! It came down to the last relay which required water to be transported from the lake to a bin on the tennis pavilion using only cups… the water in each bucket hit the ground AT THE SAME EXACT SECOND. It was a virtual tie. So intense. It helped Pink to lift their spirits and get them ready for the nights activity of rope burning. The teams marched up to the top of the dirt road where two fire pits awaited them… The General and the Sergeant from each time had an incredible task in front of them. The goal was to build a fire hot enough, big enough, and fast enough to burn through not only one rope that stood 4 feet off the ground, but a second as well that stood 6 feet off the ground. Again, such a close race, but Pink came out the winners! This was the excitement and joyful bliss that Pink needed. The next day, it all came down to one camp-wide relay race. Starting at the very tip of the furthest ski dock, all the way up to the One Great Place road sign, and everywhere in between. No challenges, no obstacles, just running. Both teams were, again, so incredible close, but it was Purple who made it into the lake (the ending spot) first. With this big victory, along with their other wins throughout the duration of Color War set them far enough ahead that there was really no question as to who the overall winners were… PURPLE!!! Such an amazing job done by everyone and the amount of sportsmanship and comradery was unbelievable. Thank you to all the campers and counselors for such amazing efforts. And a special shout out to Molly “Pockets” Kette, the Commander in Chief, and the mastermind behind it all. JOB WELL DONE!


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