Color War 2015

Posted July 23, 2015 • Share: Exploding fireworks announced the start of Color War 2015 on Monday afternoon. The girls came running from their bunks down to the grove where all of the War Council were waiting to meet them with game faces on. The girls were already wearing the colors they would live and breath in for the next 36 hours. The first big event of Color War was the Chaos Course which was spread all throughout camp. There was 31 different competitions in various locations.  The girls had to complete an assigned task at each station before they could run to the next one.  It's a giant relay race that takes almost 2 hours to complete, ending nearly at sunset. Pink was victorious for this event. On Tuesday the girls were geared up for Principal Pursuit, which is a giant camp-wide scavenger hunt. Each team is given a series of envelopes.  They send groups out to various locations corresponding  to the contents inside each envelope.  They complete a small task then run back to the starting point where the next group is waiting to leave. Purple took the victory for this event. The afternoon was filled with tug-a-war and a big soccer match. Purple won 3/5 on the tug a war and then were victorious again for soccer. As the sun set over East Pond, the rope burning competition began. Each team had a fire pit with a rope suspended 4 ft above the ground and another 6 ft above the ground. The team that could burn both ropes would be the victor. The girls stood at a safe distance and cheered on their teams. Pink took the victory for this event. At this point, Color War was still to close to call. It all came down to the last race, the Matoaka Mission. This is a giant relay race of running and swimming. No special tasks,  just who can go from point A to point B the fastest. Pink took the early lead until it came to the first swimming event when purple moved in front.  The race was a close one all the way to the finish, step for step and tutu for tutu.  Purple won the Matoaka Mission. PURPLE was the 2015 Color War winner! The final score was Pink - 864 and Purple - 941. Both teams displayed amazing sportsmanship and spirit. The girls transformed into Matoaka Soldiers for 36 hours and did an amazing job!

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