College League Break: 2016

Posted June 28, 2016 • Share: 13490633_1600454513617218_5657118430595712105_o Nit one pearl oken! HEY EVERYONE! COLLEGE LEAGUE HAS BROKEN! So much fun and excitement leading up to this very moment! The first lunch together as a camp, the College League captains were announced! Huge congratulations to them! Here are the teams, including names, colors, captains and co’s: Siberian Spiders: RED AND BLACK Captain – Nicole Katz Senior Co. – Dasia Kostinden Inter Co. – Olivia Kessler Junior Co. – Jayden Tobasky Patten Pumas: NEON GREEN AND BLACK Captain – Sydney Kates Senior Co. – Bianca Berkowitz Inter Co. – Brooke Blase Junior Co. – Aria Zhuk Reed Rhinos: ROYAL BLUE AND SILVER Captain – Jenna Levy Senior Co. – Teddy Wasserman Inter Co. – Ivy Rosenberg Junior Co. – Joey Wasserman Everest Elephants: HOT PINK AND GREEN Captain – Sam Felder Senior Co. – Eden Kerker Inter Co. - Ava Abramovitz Junior Co. – Lily Schwartz The breaking of College League included a PAC full of girls (328 to be exact… all but the 4 captains), an awesome video that captured a few faux College League games that had taken place in the past few days, fireworks, screaming and cheering, and the final act… all four captains high atop our climbing wall in ropes! They stood up there proudly ready to call out their new team names and colors, and did such an amazing job! Then all of the girls stampeded down the dirt road to the Cheer Pavilion to see which team each and everyone would be placed on. An amazing and super exciting night! Great job by all!


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