Captains Announced!

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One of the best things about Matoaka Magic is that nothing can overpower it! Despite a passing thunderstorm yesterday, the campers were in great spirits!

During the morning, the weather was actually great. Campers traveled by bunk through different rotations across camp. There were girls auditioning for our plays, riding horses, and visiting the ski docks for the first time this year. Everyone was smiling as they were learning new things and making new friends.

After lunch, the storm rolled through, but we were prepared! All the campers gathered in the Rec Hall for one of their favorite traditional camp games, “Dutch Auction”.  This popular game is a modification of a scavenger hunt. Campers from each bunk filled a pillowcase with random items from their cabins, in hopes that they’ll have the items on a secret list. We offered the chance to bid on prizes, and some bunks were lucky enough to win exciting prizes such as pizza, ice cream, or funny prizes like a bag full of toilet paper! The bag’s contents were a surprise, so they didn’t know what they’re bidding on.

It was exciting for sure, but the day’s biggest thrill came from the announcement of this year’s College League Captains! During meal times the names of the Captains and Co-Captains were revealed!

(To read the full list of captains, log in to our Bunk 1 account!)

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