Camplified Rocks Matoaka!

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Yesterday was an exciting day at Camp Matoaka, there was an added element of rock and roll thrown into the mix. This just proves what we all know already, Camp Matoaka rocks!

Camplified is a concert tour featuring rising stars. Summer camps prove to be a great market to introduce up and coming pop stars to their young audience.  After dinner, Bunks 8 and 9 traveled off-camp to the Smithfield Ice Cream Place for yummy treats. Meanwhile, Bunks 10 through 15 gathered in the PAC for the Camplified show.

The first act on the bill was Marlee Roberts. She bounced onstage with two fantastic back-up dancers, and instantly had the Matoaka crowd on their feet dancing. Her upcoming single “Uh Oh” was infectious and bubbly, and the girls just loved it!

Next up were “My Electric Heart” a group that combined elements of pop, rock, dance, and electronic music that only further electrified the crowd! They performed several original songs, along with  fantastic covers of Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life” and The Wanted’s “Glad You Came”. The campers loved singing and dancing along with the cover songs.

The highlight of the night came next, the brother-sister duo of Brandon and Savannah were by far the most well-received act. The girls related to their youthful energy, undeniable talent, and catchy pop songs. They brought one of our oldest campers on-stage, and Brandon serenaded her for three minutes with their song entitled “Three Minutes”. It was adorable, and everyone in the crowd would have gladly traded places with her in a heartbeat for that special moment. These talented teens already have a television show in the works, and have a bright future ahead of them.

The headliners were the multi-ethnical girl group, “Blush”. What’s fascinating about them, is that they are five strong females, each representing a separate Asian country! They sang positive female anthems, and had a vibe reminiscent of the Spice Girls, introducing “Girl Power” to a new generation. Our campers responded very well, and had a blast dancing along!

At the end of the night, all the groups that performed gathered onstage and led everyone in a sing-along of the popular Katy Perry hit “Firework”. It was the perfect end to a perfect summer night! As the girls returned to their bunks they were able to get autographs and pictures with all of the night’s performers, and a special “cilk and mookie” treat before bed.


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