Posted July 1, 2013 • Share: “Come with me where the fires burn bright. You can see even better by a campfire’s light. You’ll find more meaning in a campfire’s glow, than you’ll ever learn in a year or so.” Campfires are a special tradition at Camp Matoaka. Every Sunday night we gather in the council ring to celebrate our campers’ achievements during the past week. Each campfire has a different theme and the campers dress in creative costumes according to that theme. The name “Matoaka” has Native American roots, so we honor this history by having the first Campfire theme be “Native Americans” every summer. Campers arrive dressed in Native American head dresses and other creative costumes. It’s always a fun night that everyone looks forward to, and last night was no different. We sang songs, played games and gave out awards to our campers. Nothing’s better than gathering with your bunk around the campfire at sunset along the shore of the most beautiful lake in Maine. It was a fanastic way to end our first Sunday of the summer! It was a busy Sunday too! The day began with homemade muffins for breakfast and the first delivery of our new camp newspaper “The Bunkline”. Our senior campers had their bunk and individual photographs taken. Then, after lunch, we had our first Brother/Sister day event with Manitou and Caribou. The Manitou boys visited their Matoaka sisters and cousins and they gathered at the pool. Some of our girls went over to Caribou as well. After that, we held the first College League Meet of the year- the Scavenger Hunt! The teams worked together to collect a list of “items”. Campers scrambled around Matoaka in search of foreign currency, Maine quarters, photographs and answers to trivia questions! It was a close match, but the Wesley Warriors won the event.
It’s difficult to comprehend that the campers have already been here for a full week! The summer just goes by much too quickly!

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