Brains, Heart & Courage!

Posted July 25, 2013 • Share: The “Wizard of Oz” taught us that brains, heart and courage are three traits that every person should value and embrace. Summer camp is the ideal place to develop these attributes. Yesterday, this was particularly evident as we had many different events happening that the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion would be envious of. It began at dawn when 15 campers boarded camp vans and headed to Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor for an extremely special trip. The campers that went were our top campers in three departments: Small Crafts, Mountain Biking and Fishing. When they got to the park, the girls went on a kayak trip, a mountain bike trail ride and then went fishing. Their brains were put to the test and their courage was challenged as they overcame these challenges together, forming memories they’ll cherish in their hearts forever. Stay tuned for a future blog entry recapping this special trip, written by one of the lucky campers who went! Our Under 13 basketball team also travelled off-camp yesterday, they went to Camp Vega for two games against Camp Vega and Camp Laurel. Both games were thrilling with a very close score! Our girls managed to squeeze past Laurel for a win, but were defeated by Vega. On a similar note, we also had eleven campers travel to Camp Runoia to represent Camp Matoaka at a “Dunk Your Kicks” charity event. Sponsored by the Maine Camp Experience, this charity drive asked campers to donate used sneakers to help raise money for the Max Cure Foundation which raises money to benefit Pediatric Cancer research. The charity’s founder, David Plotkin, spoke to the kids about his experience with his son Max who was diagnosed with cancer when he was only 3 years old. Max found courage from his stuffed lion. This inspired David to raise money for Pediatric Cancer research and to write a story about a lion who loses his mane in the jungle and realizes that his courage comes from within. This heartwarming story will be made into a feature film to benefit the MaxCure foundation. The Matoaka and Runoia campers were invited to “Dunk their Kicks” into a box and pose for photos with LionMax, the charity’s official mascot. It was a very inspiring experience to all those who attended. Back at camp, we hosted a CMGL swim meet with Camp Vega and Camp Laurel. We had over 30 girls swim for our camp, and it was a hugely successful event. We will post a full list of winners very soon on our Bunk 1 page. After dinner, we were treated to a production of “Frank Einstein” from our Theater department. Campers and staff have been hard at work on this play for the past three weeks. Their hard work paid off, and the show was fantastic! The story is a witty comedy about a doctor and his goofy sidekick who bring a creature to life, and have to keep him secret from those in town. The clever script featured rich wordplay and hilarious puns that kept the audience in stitches. We knew our campers were talented, but everyone was pleasantly surprised at their comic chops! Their timing and slapstick humor was top-notch and made for a very fun night!
Needless to say, if the Scarecrow, Lion, and Tin Man were campers at Matoaka they wouldn’t have needed to rely on the Wizard for the things they needed. Brains, heart and courage are values that all of our campers embrace- it’s a key component to the Matoaka Magic.

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