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Beginnings are important moments that often get overlooked. You may not realize how special a beginning is, until it has already passed. Here at camp, there are beginnings almost every day. The first time two friends meet, or the first time camper water skis. Friday night was the first Friday Night Services of 2012, and it was a sweet beginning to the Services of the summer.

Dating back to 1951, Friday evenings are a highly revered tradition at Camp Matoaka. Each week, a senior bunk leads the rest of the camp in these Services, delivering speeches on a meaningful theme. This week, Bunk 14A spoke about “Beginnings”, and it was the perfect way to start off a new summer.

During the services, a passing thunderstorm began to roll in, so the Services were cut short. However, the rainbow that spread across East Pond made it all worth it. It was the perfect way to symbolize a beautiful beginning.

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