Arrival Day 2014

Posted June 28, 2014 • Share: They're here! The campers are here! Arrival Day 2014 was picture-perfect! Yesterday all of our campers arrived back at One Great Place and the summer officially began! The weather was warm and sunny and the squeals of excitement echoed across the lake as the Matoaka Family was reunited. It didn't take long for everyone to get settled in their new pink cabins and meet their counselors. Dinner was served in our newly designed Dining Hall which was bursting with pink and purple balloons and lanterns. Campers dined on chicken fingers, french fries and whoopie pies and the whole camp sang and cheered together for the first time this year and celebrating our first camper birthday of the summer. Afterward, everyone gathered in the Performing Arts Center for our Counselor Show. Campers were introduced to the 2014 Staff and their respective departments. There were songs, skits and silly dances to celebrate a new summer. We finished off the night singing and dancing to the Matoaka classics “Oh What a Night!” and “Matoaka Rock”. Today is a fun day of rotations where every camper can visit each department and get a feel for what new adventures and experiences Camp Matoaka can offer them this year. The fun started at breakfast with the announcement of this year's College League captains. The Dining Hall exploded in cheers of support for these distinguished Queen leaders. In less than 24 hours, it's already evident that Summer 2014 will be a memorable year for Camp Matoaka!

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