A Busy Day!

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There was a lot happening at Matoaka yesterday! It was a day jam-packed from sun up to sun down.

It started off at 6:30 am with an early-morning fishing trip! A boat of girls had a hugely successful fishing expedition where they set a record for the most fish caught in one trip this summer, with 28! While they were out there, they also caught the largest fish we’d ever seen at Matoaka, an impressive 19 inches!

Then we had a group of girls venture off on a white water rafting adventure! Over thirty girls went soaring down the Kennebec River with the Magic Falls Rafting Company! It was a thrilling day for all involved! Meanwhile, we had about 15 girls scaling Frenchy’s Mountain on a hike with the Fitness department! At the summit everyone was rewarded with a stunning view.

Back at camp, it was Tie Dye day in Arts and Crafts. This is the most popular activity the department offers, and it’s fun to see the girls wearing all their bright creations!

Later that evening, Bunks 8 and 9 had a fantastic pool party at the Matoaka waterslides. Meanwhile Bunks 10 and 11 travelled over to Manitou for a “playdate” where they played newcomb, gaga, and kickball. Bunks 12 and 13 also went to Manitou, but for a social. Lastly, Bunks 14 and 15 had a social here at Matoaka, and it had a bit of a fun spin on it. Camp Manitou brought their own rock band! It was a mix of campers and counselors who’d been rehearsing all summer for this night! A few of our own girls helped out and provided vocals on a few of the songs. It was amazing how talented they were!

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