63rd Song Festival

Posted August 9, 2013 • Share: For the 63rd consecutive year, Camp Matoaka ended it’s College League season with their traditional “Song Festival”, or “Sing”. Wednesday night was truly special for everyone involved. Spirit, compassion and Matoaka Magic were at an all-time high. Led by their Captains, the campers entered the Rec Hall hand-in-hand with their teammates and dressed in white. They assumed their positions with smiles gleaming. Each team sang three songs, a cheer, a remembrance and an alma mater. During the alma, the captains spoke fondly of their experiences this summer. The teams were judged by three accomplished alumnae who were here to share the special night. After the songs were completed, each Senior Co-Captain presented their Captain with a plaque honoring her accomplishments. Then the team advisors and captains led everyone in team cheers while the judges tabulated the votes. The final results for the Sing were:
  1. Clayton Cobras
  2. Wesley Warriors
  3. Salem Stingrays
  4. Huston Hawks
Then the artists revealed this year’s team plaques to the excitement of the crowd. These plaques will be displayed in the Rec Hall with the other 63 years of College League plaques. Then, with the inclusion of the Sing results, Chad and Todd announced the results of College League 2013. The final results for College League 2013 were:
  1. Salem Stingrays
  2. Clayton Cobras
  3. Wesley Warriors
  4. Huston Hawks

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