Welcome to our Camp Matoaka Alumni website! Here is where you will be kept up to date on the most recent happenings at Matoaka. Also, please visit our Camp Matoaka The Official Camp of Summer Facebook Page. For most of you, it probably has been a while since you have been to camp. Some perhaps since the 50th or recently the 60th reunion, others longer. So we would like to share with you all that has been taking place on the shores of East Lake.


Since 2004, Leslie and Jason Silberman have been the owners and directors of Camp Matoaka. Leslie spent her childhood summers at Matoaka while Jason was across the lake at Camp Manitou for boys. In the summer of 2001, Leslie and Jason finally met at a camp social during staff orientation. They were married in the fall of 2004 and currently reside in Needham, Massachusetts during the winter months. In December 2007, they welcomed their first child, Brett Matthew, into their family.  In December 2009, they welcomed their second child, Carly Rose, and their third child, Chase Dylan, arrived hours after the 2013 Arrival Day.

We welcome you

We welcome you any time to come and see all of the improvements and changes that have been made and also to enjoy the old familiar distinguishing features that make Camp Matoaka your camp: The pink camper cabins, the clear lake, the cool mornings and the gorgeous sunsets over the grove area. What fond memories! As always, we look forward to hearing from you and hope you will be able to visit us in the near future to relive the “Matoaka Magic” and those wonderful carefree days of past summers. Did you love Friday Night Services as a camper or counselor? Would you like to come back this summer and speak at a Friday Night Service in front of our current campers and staff? We are hoping to connect the past and the present by inviting alumni to come to each and every Friday Night this summer to share with camp what Camp Matoaka meant to you and still means to you. If you are interested in coming – either alone or in a group, please email Leslie at If you can’t make it this summer, we would love to see you next!

Additions to Camp Matoaka since 2010

Bunk 15 now has a new and permanent home at Camp Matoaka! The 3700 square foot cabin now houses all of our Bunk 15 Queens for the summer. The 60 campers and staff will enjoy their new home for the first summer in the summer of 2011. The cabin is located at the end of the bunk-line, just near the swimming pool. Have you heard of the new trend in camping? The new activity is called Gaga. Camp Matoaka now has a Gaga Court located between the gym and the health center. Who wanted to bake when they were campers? Camp Matoaka now has a baking program! Campers will enjoy trying new recipes, as well as staple items on the Matoaka Menu, such as Whoopie Pies!

Virtual Tour

See the Matoaka campus by taking our tour!
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