Why Matoaka?


girls hanging out Leslie spent her childhood summers at Matoaka while Jason was across the lake at Camp Manitou for boys. For over twenty years, both Leslie and Jason have grown up on East Lake as campers, counselors, and directors. Mike and Paula were second generation owners and directors of Matoaka from 1976 – 2004. Mike’s parents, Midge and Joe Nathanson founded Matoaka in 1951. We are also proud of the fact that we have many second and third generation campers.


Climb the pamper pole, paint a picture by the lake, cook hotdogs over an open fire, and learn to water-ski … barefooted. After a girl’s first summer at Matoaka, her life will never be the same. goofy-tennis


Each Matoaka camper is treated as an individual. She can personalize her schedule so that her days are filled with all of the activities she loves; and if she changes her mind, she can change her schedule weekly. Parents may check their children’s schedule on our web site and make changes according to their wishes.


Matoaka campers and counselors are, above all, enthusiastic. We sing songs at every meal, dress in crazy costumes for weekly campfires by the lake, paint our bodies in support of college league teams, celebrate individual achievements, and take great pride in our camping traditions.


pool-hugCamp Matoaka is a community of campers and counselors, a place where the oldest campers are friendly with the youngest campers and where counselors know you by name. The majority of our department counselors also live in bunks with campers. Situated in three long rows, the bunkline has a neighborhood sense about it. Campers of different ages go to activities together and sit together at meals. Table assignments change weekly so that campers and counselors get to know each other.


Matoaka Magic begins with the first hug that campers receive off the bus and intensifies each day. Walking hand in hand, sitting arm in arm, girls learn that they are not alone. Friendships made at Matoaka are friendships to last a lifetime. girls best friends


Have you ever seen a horserace where campers are jockeys riding piggyback on counselors? Have you ever joined nine of your closest friends on a banana boat trip around the lake? Or have you ever competed in a gym meet even though you don’t know how to do a cartwheel? At Matoaka, we do it all in the name of “fun.”

Parent and Camper Referral

We understand that it may be difficult to choose a camp that’s right for your family; therefore, we will be happy to furnish you with the names of families who have chosen Matoaka for their daughters. It may prove helpful to speak with others. Call or email us, and we’ll put you in touch with a Matoaka family.

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