Is the camp accredited? Yes. Camp Matoaka is an accredited member of the American Camping Association. Both Jason and Leslie are active members in the ACA. Where do most Matoaka campers come from? Our campers come to us from more than 20 states and five different countries. We try our best to ensure campers have an opportunity to meet as many girls from other areas as possible. Certain geographic areas are more represented than others, since most of our campers hear about Matoaka from friendships with current families and alumnae. Our largest groups of campers come from the Greater Boston area, South Florida and the Tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut). We also have a large number of girls from Maryland, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and California. How long is the staff orientation? Since all of our staff are college age and older, Camp Matoaka is able to hold an extensive pre-camp orientation. This ten-day orientation helps counselors to learn everything from our daily schedule to dealing with homesickness. We are fortunate to have many returning staff who are able to help new staff adjust to camp during these ten days. What about children with special dietary or medical needs? Our staff is knowledgeable about food allergies and sensitive to picky eaters; and because both campers and counselors are assigned to tables, camper diets can be monitored easily. Our regularly scheduled meals vary daily and weekly. A full salad bar, sandwich bar, soup bar and fruit bar supplement our meals. Is the camp oriented toward competition or individual skill development? Camp Matoaka emphasizes participation and individual achievement over competition. Any camper who wishes to be a part of our inter-camp teams (gym, ski, softball, soccer, volleyball or tennis) makes the team. Every camper who tries out for the play is cast; and all campers are invited to participate in the talent show, dance show or music recital. What kind of health care system does the camp offer? Camp Matoaka’s on-site health center provides comprehensive health care services to campers and counselors. It provides First Aid and administers all over-the-counter medications. Our facilities also enable us to perform strep screening, blood glucose monitoring, and urinalysis. Moreover, a Board-Certified pediatrician visits the camp every day. What does a typical schedule look like? Our campers have five scheduled, instructional classes and two choice periods each day. Click here to view a typical day. Is Matoaka on a lake or do they travel off campus to a separate facility? Camp Matoaka is located on East Lake, and our campus has over one mile of lakefront property. Does Matoaka require a uniform? There is a minimal camp uniform that must be purchased along with the required linens and towels from our official clothing provider. A suggested equipment list is provided for your convenience. Items recommended for purchase can be found on the back of the enrollment form or in the catalog. Suggested types and quantities of clothing should be followed. How many campers sleep in a bunk, and what is the camper to counselor ratio? Our bunks range in sizes from ten to twenty campers, and most cabins have four counselors. Our overall camper to counselor ratio is 2.5 to 1.