Camp Matoaka aquatic departments are split up into the following:
  • Swimming
  • Smallcrafts
  • Waterski
Each camper regardless of her age or ability will have swimming, waterski, and smallcrafts automatically programmed into her schedule.


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You can tell a lot about a camp by the design of its swimming program. At Matoaka, our swimming program is carefully planned to assure complete safety and provide just the right balance between instruction and fun. Camp Matoaka has two swim areas. The first is located on the lakefront. This 10,000 square foot swim area includes three fully enclosed cribs of varying depths and a diving area with springboard. The second part to our swim program is a 25 meter outdoor-heated swimming pool. The pool is at a constant depth of 4 1/2 feet throughout, allowing all levels of swimmers to use this pool. There are also three 200-foot waterslides that empty into the pool, which make this swimming program one of the best in camping. Each camper’s schedule includes three instructional swim periods per week, however campers may add more instructional swim classes to their schedule if they wish to do so. All campers during instructional classes will follow the American Red Cross curriculum. As a camper completes a level, her progress is certified and recorded and she is awarded the official American Red Cross card.

The Rave

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The Rave is a 25 foot round water trampoline at Camp Matoaka’s lakefront swimming area. This activity provides endless hours of fun with an Aqua Slide, Aqua Launch, Aqua Log, and of course the Aqua Deck Water Trampoline.

Small Crafts

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The small crafts department is made up of a number of different activities including: sailing, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, and paddle boating. East Lake is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and safest lakes for boating in Maine. Once campers have demonstrated their competence in near shore practice, they may participate in our day canoe trips and sailing excursions to Matoaka’s secluded island preserve at the northern end of East Lake. Campers will also be given instruction in basic canoeing, kayaking and windsurfing. Small crafts is a mandatory activity. Each camper will be scheduled to attend a minimum of two classes per week; however, they may add more classes to their schedule if they wish. back to top


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Waterskiing is the most popular activity in camp! We stress both fun and learning while encouraging all campers to become comfortable and confident skiers. The Camp Matoaka Waterski Department has a unique program that provides individualized instruction and caters to every level of skier; from the beginner to tournament competitor. Campers first receive pre-ski instructions that include camp rules, USA Waterski safety hand signals, dry land pulls, selection and sizing of skis and personal floatation vests, and practice putting their skis on in deep water. When their dry land pulls are perfected and all their questions answered they are assigned a boat and begin their on-water instructions. They progress up through the two-ski skills to the one-ski skills, after which they can try any of the following disciplines: slaloming, trick skiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding and barefooting. Campers will be automatically scheduled to ski twice per week and also have the option of scheduling additional activity periods. Many campers progress rapidly and enjoy inter-camp waterski tournaments which are offered to 13 and under and 15 and under competitors. Competitions are held in wakeboarding, slalom skiing, and trick skiing. Along the way, for pure fun, they can dabble in tubing or take advantage of our twelve-person banana boat. The Waterski Department has two Master Craft ski boats (both Pro Star 197s) and three Malibu Responses. Two boats are equipped with ski booms for beginners, with the other three equipped with towers for wakeboarding. Additionally, Matoaka uses one Boston Whaler in the ski program. Matoaka has its own accu-float slalom course and a wide array of brand name wetsuits, ski vests, barefoot suits, skis, kneeboards, and wakeboards. Camp Matoaka also provides safety helmets for all campers for all disciplines. Safety is #1 and stressed at all times. Camp Matoaka has 16 waterski counselors with an average of 5 years of camp experience in teaching waterski and driving ski boats. Each waterski instructor must possess a current CPR and First Aid certification and undergo the USA Water Ski Association’s Level I Instructor Course, Water Safety Course, and Boating Safety Course. In addition, each new instructor must pass a Practical On-Water Driving Exam that is administered by a certified USA Waterski Trained Driver each summer during Counselor Orientation.


Matoaka’s wakeboarding program is gaining in popularity each year and mirrors the boom of wakeboarding around the world. It has the same quality as the ski program in that it is sequential, skill based and offers quality instruction and equipment. Our Mastercraft X-7 with onboard ballast, and our Mastercraft Pro Star 197, both equipped with towers, give the boarders excellent pulls on any one of the six various sized wakeboards. The campers have sequentially organized skills charts to track their progress which also adds intrinsic motivation for the boarders. We are pound of our ski program and our ability to stay on top of current trends and technology within the various disciplines of ski.


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Slalom skiing continues to be one of the most popular disciplines within the ski program at Camp Matoaka. The challenge of the six buoys is addicting as it is a test of ones fitness, dedication, character, and perseverance. Skiing the course behind the World Record Mastercraft ski boats with Matoaka’s experienced instructors offers each camper the optimum improvement opportunity.  The learning curve is sharp and only inhibited by the skiers ability respond to instructions. Matoaka’s private slalom course tucked in the corner of East Pond offers great water and excellent fun.

Trick Skiing

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Like wakeboarding, trick skiing is an extremely popular specialty area in the waterski department. Two skis or one without fins allows for some extremely challenging runs on the water. Trick Skiing has been described as “a series of falls interrupted by a moment of skiing”, a definition that for all who’ve tried would agree. Learning to perform 180, 360, 540 or 720 degrees turns, stepovers, or turn on a wake, is enough to keep any camper challenged for a summer. Camp Matoaka has 3 pair of Kidder tricks skis and 1 Connelly Slalom trick ski, quick releases for each boat, and numerous trick lines and handles for the campers use.