Special Events

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Although Camp Matoaka runs on a regular schedule, we always find time to hold special events. Special events can last one hour or a full day, and they involve a wide variety of activities. Some of our special events include:Camper Birthdays, Friday night services, Sunday night campfires, Buddy Day, Pink Splash, Pink Plate Special, Backwards Day, Carnival Day, Night at the Races, Bunk Plaque Night, Headquarters, Gold Rush, and Dutch Auction.


We try to make a camper feel special on her birthday because we understand how difficult it is to be away from home on this day. To start, bunkmates and counselors make cards and decorate the birthday girl’s bed. Our kitchen staff sets her table with fun place mats and balloons; and at the end of dinner, the camper’s bunk presents her with a cake while the entire camp sings “Happy Birthday”. Finally, an exception is made to our phone call policy. Normally a camper is only allowed one phone call per week; but on her birthday, she is allowed to talk to family who call. Camp is a great place to celebrate a birthday!

College League

College League lasts throughout the entire season. The campers are divided into four teams that compete in Tuesday and Thursday night games and Sunday afternoon events. Each team has a captain who is a returning, full-season, bunk 15 camper. College League teaches girls the importance of teamwork and the joy of friendly competition. Although campers are dedicated to their teams, and put forth great efforts to achieve their goals, all rivalry is limited to the college league events. Campers are rewarded for good sportsmanship and learn to win, and lose, graciously.