Creative Arts

The Matoaka arts program is a comprehensive program that offers campers a wide range of visual arts. The arts program is divided up into the following departments:
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Photography
  • Sewing
  • Computers
  • Radio
  • Video
Arts and Crafts is a mandatory activity with each camper having two periods per week pre-set into their schedule. However, additional arts and crafts can be added if your daughter wishes. Other departments within the arts program are not mandatory. Campers may choose to add them to their schedule as they wish. The Arts Center is home to the arts and crafts, sewing and photography departments.

Arts and Crafts

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Our 2400 square foot Arts Center overlooks beautiful East Lake from the north and south decks. It is complete with a darkroom, pottery wheels, a sewing room, and a common area. This wood and glass open-wall building is home to a ceramics studio with a kiln for firing and glazing ceramic projects, a kick wheel, and two electric 2-speed pottery wheels. Campers are encouraged to work with different media to create various fine arts and craft projects. Daily classes include instruction in embroidery, drawing, painting, tie dye, basketry, ceramics, pottery, candle making, hair jewelry and collages. There are usually three projects going on at the same time, so there is never a lack of options at arts and crafts. The girls produce numerous things during the summer for themselves, their friends, and their parents. Campers use their creativity and originality daily at arts and crafts under the supervision of our staff. At Matoaka, the girls expand their talents and can broaden their artistic skills. Campers are encouraged to express themselves and challenge themselves through the arts program. The staff is comprised of an arts director and seven arts and crafts instructors. All staff have personal experience and knowledge or certification in the particular area they teach. back to top


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Camp Matoaka’s photography program offers a complete introduction to black and white photography as well as color photography for beginner and advanced campers. Campers take pictures of daily events during the first two periods of each day, and may then proceed to the department during third through fifth periods to develop and print their finished products. Housed in our Arts Center, the fully equipped darkroom allows campers to complete the photographic process and experiment with special effects. Campers can also take advantage of our digital camera and help take pictures for the photo section of our website. back to top


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Though related to our Arts and Crafts program and located in the same complex, sewing is a separate elective activity at Matoaka. Our sewing room has fourteen easy-to-use Singer machines and all the materials needed for both machine and hand-stitching projects. Campers enrolled in this program may explore the practical side of sewing by making soft toys, pillows, and garments – or its more artistic aspects through instruction in embroidery and appliqué. There are two to three projects usually going on at the same time due to the differing ages and difficulty levels. Campers may also be interested in making costumes for dance shows or theater productions. back to top


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Matoaka’s camper-run radio station, WMTK, proves to be an exciting and popular elective each summer. Each camper has the opportunity to write and produce public service and special camp announcements. Campers learn to cue records, tapes, and CDs, operate the microphone, and speak on air. They are also taught to produce announcements, read prepared copy, and most importantly, keep a smooth flow of quality programming. Our radio facilities include an FM stereo transmitter, a stereo mixer board, two dual cassette decks, one microphone, a two-disc CD player, cassettes, CDs, and access to daily news and newspapers for the campers’ radio shows. There is a good chance you will hear your daughter over the airwaves on visiting day. back to top


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Come explore the exciting world of video production and train to become a star both in front as well as behind the camera. Beginners can participate in “just for fun” projects such as video postcards and have them posted on the Matoaka website, while more advanced students can learn both studio and field production, shoot sporting and action footage, conduct interviews and follow prepared video scripts for the Matoaka weekly webcast. Inspired campers can endeavor to write, produce, and edit their own commercials, public service announcements, and short movies and have them showcased before the entire camp in the annual end of summer Camp Matoaka Film Festival. Matoaka video facilities include canon and sony digital video cameras, two MAC based non-linear editing computers, including a G5 dual processor loaded with the Final Cut production suite.