The Athletic Program at Camp Matoaka combines:
  • Landsports
  • Fitness
  • Gymnastics
The athletics program is set up for all ages, levels and abilities, from the complete beginner to the camper who plays or competes year round. We are not solely a competitive camp; however, the competitive teams are open to all campers who wish to participate through inter-camp athletic events. Throughout the summer Matoaka competes against other summer camps in various athletic events, such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, kickball, archery, and gymnastics (novice & advanced). We have a saying at Matoaka when it comes to inter-camp teams, “Everybody who wants to play, plays.” Regardless of their skill level, they will play on the camp team.


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The landsports department is a collection of different sports combined into one department. Each camper will receive instruction in soccer, basketball, golf, softball, volleyball and archery. As well as receiving basic instruction, campers will be educated in the relevant rules, skills, competition techniques and strategies required to play the sport proficiently. Campers will have the choice of competing on inter-camp teams and participation is solely up to the camper. As well as receiving instruction in the main sporting activities, campers will also have the chance to experience group games such as: Frisbee-golf, kickball, crab soccer, street hockey, field hockey, parachute games, and Matoaka ball. Campers will have landsports pre-set into their personal schedules; however campers can add additional classes to their schedule. With our Custom Camper Scheduling software, campers are given the flexibility to modify their own personal schedule on a weekly basis, by visiting the Matoaka computer lab. The landsports facilities include our softball diamond, soccer field, archery range, basketball court and volleyball grass and sand courts.

Fitness Counselors

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The fitness program includes beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of instruction. The purpose of the program is to conduct fitness assessments and prescribe exercise programs, and to lead group exercise classes including circuits. The fitness program consists of circuit routines, aerobics, weight training, cross-training, etc.


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The gymnastics program is an elective program; campers have the opportunity to select gymnastics if they wish. Our program is set up to include beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of instruction. Campers receive instruction in all four of the Olympic events: balance beam, uneven bars, vault and floor exercise. Throughout the summer gymnastic inter-camp events will be held for both advanced and novice gymnasts. Campers wishing to compete will have the opportunity to do so on the Matoaka gym team. Matoaka’s gymnastic instructors are highly motivated. They have all reached an elite personal level in gymnastic coaching or have a background in competitive gymnastics. All Instructors must posses current CPR and First Aid certification. Camp Matoaka hosts the largest indoor gymnasium of any camp in New England (60′ x 112′). Equipment consists of a regulation 40′ x 40′ spring floor, two cabled uneven parallel bars, two padded beams (high & low), a vault with separate runway and assorted springboards, incline mats, spotting blocks, etc.