The adventure program at Matoaka is made up of four departments:
  • Fishing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Ropes
  • English Riding
All of these departments are elective departments. Campers may choose to add these activities to their schedule.


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East Lake provides the ideal setting for fishing. The girls fish from the shore, from the pontoon boat and other boats, as well as in the trout pond. Our fishing department practices environment-friendly methods of catch- and-release fishing. The catch and release method is practiced at Matoaka so that the ecological balance within East Lake is maintained. The campers are taught techniques such as rod and reel assembly, spin casting, fly-fishing, trolling, and fish identification. This makes every Matoaka camper an expert behind the reel! Camp Matoaka utilizes the fully stocked trout pond and East Lake’s abundant waters to fish in, where the pursuit of Granddaddy (the elusive big catch of East Lake) continues to this day. Fishing is an elective activity which campers may put on their schedule. With safety being our number one concern at Matoaka, it is mandatory that all water-based staff hold current certification in CPR and First Aid.

Mountain Biking

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The mountain bike program develops campers’ knowledge of cycling and bike handling. Campers learn basic maintenance and experienced riding techniques such as climbing, descending safely, working obstacles, how to ride safely in traffic and built-up areas, and racing cross-country. The mountain bike riding paths are located in the extensive wooded area on Matoaka’s campus and they offer trails of various difficulty and unique characteristics. The mountain biking department has five 15″ Specialized Hardrock mountain bikes with an 18 speed index gear system, five 13″ L.L. Bean Pathfinder bikes with 18 speed grip shift gear change system, Bell and Giro helmets of various sizes, and PARK tool work stands for basic maintenance and repair. The camper to instructor ratio is kept at the maximum level of one to eight. This enables the instructor to work closely with the group and develop personal skills much faster and at a high standard. Bicycle helmets are required to be worn at all times; the program is setup to suit campers of all ages and abilities.


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The Camp Matoaka ropes course is designed by Project Adventure to develop group initiatives, cognitive and physical problem solving, personal achievement and self confidence by getting campers to discover qualities in themselves that they may not have known they have. After engaging in cooperative and trust initiatives, beginners use low elements such as the three-tension traverse, nitro swing, swinging log, Mohawk trail, the wall, the catwalk and tire swing. After completion, campers advance to the high elements which include the zip line, multi vine, pamper pole, trapeze, Burma bridge, two-line bridge with rope ladder, caterpillar, 25 foot beginner wall, and advance to our 40 foot two-sided climbing tower. “Rope-heads” participate in climbing competitions based on their expertise and the difficulty of the wall. The ropes course has a total of 10 low elements and 12 high elements, all of which undergo a rigorous inspection every year before campers arrive. Campers will have the opportunity to experience working within a team to overcome the obstacles set forth by the adventure ropes program. The ropes department is supervised by our certified staff of outdoor adventure lovers.

English Riding

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Experienced riding instructors conduct classes on all beginning, intermediate, and advanced equitation skills. Lesson themes vary from walk-trot drills to advanced competitive jumping. Every camper involved in the riding program also receives a light horse management course in addition to her in-saddle instruction. Enthusiastic riders may join the Matoaka Riding Team, which competes with other camps in the Central Maine area. Near the end of the summer, the gala Matoaka Horse Show is held. At this event, all of the girls in the program demonstrate the riding skills they have learned in front of fellow campers and counselors. The seven-stable barn is a short walk away from all living areas. English Riding requires an additional fee: full-season = $950.00 for 20 hours of instruction and for half-season = $600.00 for 10 hours of instruction.